Gir Safari Zones
Safari Zones
Morning 6am to 9am (60 Jeeps) 8.30am to 11.30am (60 Jeeps)
Evening 3pm to 6pm (60 Jeeps)

Best Online Safari Booking for forest lovers - Gir Safari Booking

People who like forest tours will love to visit this place. According to the forest department of India, currently, the total 600 number of Asiatic lions at Gir national park means there are vast possibilities of seeing a lion in front of people's eyes.

This national park is located in the state of Gujarat in India. As per information, this forest is spreading across 1412 sq. km, which is an excellent place for wildlife lovers.

The Gir forest jungle safari booking offers Individuals a unique lifetime wildlife experience with its panoramic view & a vast number of lions. This is the most visited forest in India.

If people choose Gir forest online booking then they were not able to see the famous lions of there, people can also find their such things

  • near about 300 types of birds
  • this jungle has 24 species of reptiles
  • and also 30 types of mammals

Avail chance of lion safari by Gir National Park Booking

Among all forest safari in India, only this Gir jeep safari online booking provides the best view. Individuals can see lions very closely in their natural habitat, which is excellent for wildlife photographers.

Visitors can easily enjoy a thrilling experience of lion safaris in open jeeps, which this national park has arranged; they need Gir national park booking for this.

People don't have to worry after Sasan Gir jeep safari online booking because professional guides accompany every Jeep.

It is said that if people choose Gir jungle safari booking, then there are more possibilities of watching the lions & also hearing the roar of the lion.

The basic details of Sasan Gir National Park Booking

  • In this national park, people can enjoy an open Jeep safari in the deep forest with their family & friends also.
  • People need to remember that any private safari is not allowed in this national park. The forest department generates all types of safari in this jungle.
  • As per information, it is assumed that the total time duration of this safari may vary 2.5 to 3 Hrs if Individuals take Gir national park online booking.
  • The most crucial factor is that this safari package must include a permit from the government. And other things - driver and the Jeep and the charges of the guide, GST & services charge of personal coordinator need to be paid by the visitors.
  • Another important rule of this safari is that one Jeep can only accommodate a maximum number of 6 adults and one child.
  • The Gir safari online booking package starts from 4500/- rupees per Jeep, but this is not mandatory. It can be varied. (etc.)

The approximate price range as well as the timing of Sasan Gir Safari Booking

The best month for visiting

First, people need to know the best time for booking this Gir national park; as per information, the park remains closed from mid-June to October, & booking is open from mid to October. Several people are booking in advance & getting ready for vacationers.

The approximate price range for visiting this national park

As we mentioned before, the Sasan Gir forest booking price range for an Indian tourist may need 4500 rupees for a single jeep. On a single jeep, a maximum of 5 to 6 people are allowed.

And on the other hand, if any foreign tourist is traveling, then the price range of that safari package increases. For example, a foreign tourist may need to pay approximately 13800 rupees for a single jeep. But the people allowing rules are also the same for them, in a single jeep maximum of 6 people are allowed.


In this national park, people can choose the time slot, which means people can easily select any time slot according to themselves. The different time slots of this national park are listed below

  • 6 AM to 9 AM
  • 9 AM to 12 PM
  • 3 PM to 6 PM

Requires Payments

In this national park, safari price includes such fees

  • The driver fee & jeep rent
  • Charges to get a permit
  • Charges of a guide
  • Camera charges
  • Pick and drop service charges from the place Individuals are staying at Gir (etc.).

Other Requirements and Rules of Gir National Park Safari Booking

  • One ID Proof. For Gir national park safari booking, each tourist has to furnish their identification credentials which can be the driver's license number, voter identity card, Aadhar Card, or passport number.
  • A tourist has to present the similar identification credentials that they submitted in the booking application when they arrive to visit the Gir national park.
  • A safari jeep will drop and pick travelers to and from a resort or hotel reception that they specified in the application when they were booking for the safari.

Refund Policy Sasan Gir Jungle Safari Booking

  • If any individual cancels their Sasan Gir jungle safari booking just before fifteen days of their tour, they will be paid back with 75 percent of their booking amount.
  • If any individual cancels their safari booking only before one week of their tour, they will be paid back with 50 percent of their booking amount.
  • If any individual cancels their safari booking just before two days of their tour, they will be paid back with 25 percent of their booking amount.
  • No payback will be provided if the individual cancels their safari booking only under 48 hours of their specified tour.

Proceedings to make Sasan Gir Forest Safari Booking

The forest authorities of Gujarat are the official management community who take care of each of the procedures of Gir Jungle Safari along with its booking. So, the whole Gir Jungle line comes under the command of forest authorities, and they make sure that the processes must be made as per the rules of the forest department of India. Each of the safaris allowed for the Gir Jungle line can be assisted from the interweb. To make a Sasan Gir jungle safari booking in advance, travelers must go through the aspects mentioned below.

  • Mention the gender, real name, and age of each of the members in the group as stated in their identification proof with the verified amount for the safari.
  • For the Sasan Gir national park booking, authorities only accept the original identification number alongside the specified identification card must be an Aadhar card or a passport or voter card, or the driving license card only.
  • The individual has to offer proper identification credentials as their ID evidence as incomplete or wrong info in the booking application will be considered an unapproved entry. Also, that individual will not enjoy a safari experience as per their bookings.
  • It is compulsory to furnish the info according to the passport for foreigners.
  • The individuals have to carry similar ID evidence as they utilized during the moment of their safari booking.
  • Six people will be permitted to experience the Jungle line of Gir against 1 E-permit.
  • The individuals can make this Safari booking before 12 weeks of the date of their arrival in the Jungle of Gir.
  • Remember, the authorities do not allow a particular safari pathway according to the demand of their tourists.
  • Some minor alterations can be made in the visiting hours by forest officials if there is an instance of some unavoidable weather problem or seasonal issue.

What To anticipate while Sasan Gir Online Booking

Being a message wildlife sanctuary that is expanded in 1413 square km National Park of Gir has many aspects that will fascinate the tourists. With Sasan Gir online booking, the individual will get an exciting chance to explore the spectacular deciduous jungle, grasslands, evergreen flora water bodies, and scrublands in Gir. The center of attraction in the park is that these Asiatic Lion will also be experienced in their natural habitat during this excursion. During the thrilling safari ride in beautiful tracts of the region's hill, individuals can anticipate coming across some unique animal species such as Blue Bull, Chowsinga, Spotted Deer, Leopard, Sambar, wild boar, and Indian gazelle.


The Sasan Gir safari online booking is protected regions of the national park of Gir is prohibited between 16th of June and 15th of October each year. It is the time when the monsoon of the southwest arrives. So literally, between December and March is the environmental e the adequate time to step into the park. Throughout April and May are pretty hot but perceived the better period for photography and watching wildlife.

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